XCEND Tech Tips: Deploying Microsoft Office 2007 with Altiris Deployment Solution 6.X

July 27th, 2010

From Technical Solutions Expert Dave Ramazetti:

In order to deploy Microsoft Office 2007, we must create a custom msp file and store it in the Updates folder of the Microsoft Office 2007 Install Folder. Microsoft changed their Office deployment strategy drastically from Microsoft Office 2003.


  • Office 2007 Volume License DVD
  • Office 2007 Volume License Key

Creating the Microsoft Specific Deployment Files

Custom MSP File Creation

In order to create the custom msp file, you must run the Microsoft Office 2007 setup program with the /admin option

  • Click on Start–>Run and run cmd
  • Navigate to the directory of Microsoft Office 2007 and run setup.exe/admin
  • Set your settings according to your companies install
  • Save the msp file, then copy this to the Updates folder
  • Below are a sample of settings that are a minimum to be filled out to create a silent installation

Using Altiris Deployment Solution 6.X

  • Create a folder in the express share of the Altiris DS server; in this case it is Software\MSOffice2k7
  • Copy all of the Microsoft Office 2007 DVD to this folder
  • Create a new job called Deploy Microsoft Office 2007

  • Click Add and choose Run Script
  • Type the following code into the Script box:
net use z: \\hqsav01\eXpress z:\Software\MSOffice2k7\setup.exe
/config z:\Software\MSOffice2k7\ProPlus.WW\config.xml /adminfile
z:\Software\MSOffice2k7\Updates\custPro.msp net use z: /delete


  • Click the Next button
  • Under the client run environment, change it to use a specific user that has read access to the network share; in this case \\hqsav01\eXpress

  • Click Finish
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